Ajneet Dhillon

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Western University

Research Interests :

Algebraic geometry, algebraic stacks, moduli of bundles, essential dimension and derived categories. Currently I am studying derived categories of root stacks with a view to applications in arithmetic geometry.

Preprints and Papers

Students and postdocs :

Current PhD students :
Dinesh Valluri
Current Masters student :
Felix Boudreau
Current Postdocs :
Pal Zsamboki
Former Students :
Ivan Kobyzev, graduated with PhD in 2016
Youlong Yan, graduated with PhD in 2014
V. Shirbisheh, graduated with a PhD in 2007, co-supervised with J. Minac and N. Lemire.
N. Honarkaran, graduated with MSc in 2013
Md. Mamun, graduated with MSc in 2009
M. Arif, graduated with MSc in 2011

Former Postdocs :

Teaching :


Calculus 1000B (Online)

Mathematics in action :