Algebraic Geometry
Summer 2015
Department of Mathematics
Western University
Time : 1-3pm Tuesday/Thursday
Location : MC 108
Dates : May 5th to early July
Instructor : Ajneet Dhillon,
Prerequisite : Rings and Modules

This course will be an introduction to some topics in classical algebraic geometry. We will start with elementary topics such as the algebraic subsets of affine and projective space, the Zariski topology, regular and rational maps. The notions of dimension and smoothness of an algebraic variety will be introduced. The last part of the course will focus on linear systems, maps to projective space, Bezout's theorem, blow ups and algebraic curves.

References :

Note : that this course has a prerquisite of rings and modules math 9023/4123A. You are encouraged to review the course material as taught in the Fall of 2014, before the course starts, we will make heavy use of this course.

Grading scheme:

Here is assignment 1. (Due : June 2nd)

Here is assignment 2. (Due : June 23rd)