Calculus 1000A Section 002


Dec. 15 HW6 is ready to be picked up during office hours.

Dec. 8. I will hold usual office hours up until the final exam, which will take place Monday, Dec. 21, at 9am. For our section (002), the exam rooms are assigned by last name: ABDA-LEUN in AH 201; LI-ZHU in AH STAGE. Candidates arriving later than 30 minutes after the commencement of the examination will not be allowed to write the examination.

Dec. 2. Homework 5 is marked and ready to be picked up during office hours.

Nov. 30. Tyler will run an in-class tutorial on Monday, Dec. 7.

Nov. 23. Course/Instructor evaluations will take place at the beginning of class on Wednesday, December 2.

Nov. 20. The final exam is scheduled for Monday, December 21, at 9:00am.

Nov. 16. Homework 4 is marked and ready to be picked up during office hours (along with any remaining homework or midterms that you haven't picked up yet).

Nov. 11. Tyler will run another in-class tutorial on Monday, November 16.

Nov. 6. Solutions to the midterm have been posted on the main course website.

Oct. 28. Midterms will be returned and discussed in class on Monday, Nov 2.

Oct. 19. Homework 2 is marked (with scores available on OWL) and ready to be picked up during office hours.

Oct. 19. Important information for the midterm here

Oct. 14. Classrooms for the midterm have been assigned by last name and listed on the main course website.

Oct. 10. Class and office hours are cancelled on Tuesday, October 13. There will be an extra office hour Wed. Oct. 14 1:30-2:30.

Oct. 9. Tyler will run another in-class tutorial on Monday, October 19.

Oct. 9. The make-up midterm will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 8-10pm.

Oct. 5. Homework 1 is marked (with scores available on OWL) and ready to be picked up during office hours.

Sept. 29. Talk to me ASAP if you have a conflict with the midterm, which is scheduled for 7-9pm on Friday, October 23.

Sept. 25. On Monday, Sept. 28, Tyler Pattenden will run an in-class tutorial. Please bring questions.

Sept. 18. Information about resources has been updated (scroll down).

Sept. 11. Welcome!

The course

Calculus 1000A, Section 002, Fall 2015. Important information about the course can be found at the Calculus 1000A home page (for all sections) or on the course outline (pdf). Information specific to Section 002 can be found below.

Location: SSC 2050
Time: MTWF 12:30-1:30pm

Instructor: Dr. Christin Bibby
Email: (use your UWO email when sending an email)
Office: Middlesex College (MC) 119
Office hours: Mon. 1:30-2:30, Tues. 1:30-2:30, Fri. 10-11

Lecture notes will be posted here sometime after class. This is meant as a supplement to, not a replacement for, attendance and note-taking.

The assignments

Please see the main course page and/or the course outline for more information on the Midterm and Final Exams.

There will be written homework (to be handed in during class) and online homework (to be submitted online through WeBWorK), which together make up 15% of the course grade.

More on WeBWorK: These assignments are to be submitted online at Your username is the same as your Western email username, and your password is your Western student ID number (you may change the password once you've logged in). There will be an assignment for almost every section covered, and they will typically be due at 11:59pm on the posted due date (usually every other Wednesday). Go here for tips on using WeBWorK.

More on written homework: Make sure that it is organized, easy to read, and stapled together (if multiple pages). While only the final answer earns marks on WeBWorK, your entire solution is important on written assignments. These assignments will be due every other week, usually during class on Wednesday.

Please ask for help if you have any questions or concerns regarding homework.

Assignments due will be listed here

Other resources

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