David Borwein FRSE

David Borwein
    Professor Emeritus 
    Ph.D., D.Sc., University College London (1950, 1960) 

    Office: Middlesex College, room 103H (click here for complete address) 

    Tel: (519) 661-3638 ext 86884 

    E-mail: dborwein@uwo.ca

    Area of research: Classical Analysis, Summability Theory. 

A brief research summary

My main area of research has been the summability theory of series and integrals, in the study of which I have used both classical and functional analysis. I have also considered problems in measure theory and probability theory, and have done some work in number theory and some on approximate subgradients and coderivatives.

Much of my recent work has been in collaboration with my son, Jonathan Borwein, (and in some cases others) on some remarkable properties of single- and many-variable sinc integrals, in particular their relationships to volumes of certain symmetric convex polyhedra. This research involved some subtle Fourier transform techniques.


Complete address:

David Borwein

Department of Mathematics,   MC
The University of Western Ontario
London,   Ontario,
CANADA      N6A 5B7

Telephone:   (1) 519-661-3638 x 86884 (via Math Dept)
                   (1) 519-661-2111 x 86884 (via switchboard)

Fax:   (1) 519-661-3610

E-mail: dborwein@uwo.ca