Lectures on Homotopy Theory

The links below are to pdf files, which comprise the lecture notes for a course on Homotopy Theory (Math 9151), last given at the University of Western Ontario and UBC (teleconference) during the Winter term of 2016.

I expect to give this course again in the Fall of 2017, as Math 9151A, subject to student interest.

The collection of files is the basic source material for the course, and the syllabus is listed on this page. All files are subject to revision as the course progresses. The indicated dates are the most recent file updates.

More detail on topics covered here can be found in the Goerss-Jardine book Simplicial Homotopy Theory, which appears in the References file below.

The course will be given as a set of lectures at the University of Western Ontario, and will be available by teleconference to students from other universities. Students from other sites can participate, from either traditional teleconference rooms or by using personal computers. Please contact me if you wish to do so.

It would be quite helpful for a student to have a background in basic Algebraic Topology (Math 4152/9052) and/or Homological Algebra (Math 9144) prior to taking this course.

Rick Jardine
Office: Middlesex College 118
Phone: 519-661-2111 x86512
E-mail: jardine@uwo.ca

Don't be misled by the link titles: each file is worth at least two hours of class time.

Comments are welcome.

Homotopy theories

Stable homotopy theory: first steps