Reading Seminar on Stable ∞-Categories

May 2017

Essential information

Organized by: Dan Christensen and Chris Kapulkin.
Time: Wednesdays, 1:30 - 3 PM.
Location: MC 107.


The outline of the topics is available here.

The talks will assume familiarity with higher category theory, discussed in the last year's installment.


Date Speaker Title and abstract
April 26th Organizational meeting
May 3rd Dan Christensen Introduction to spectra
May 10th Luis Scoccola Stable ∞-categories
May 17th James Richardson Stabilization and its universal property
May 24th Marco Vergura Dold-Kan correspondence
May 26th Aji Dhillon and Dinesh Valluri Stable ∞-categories induced by additive categories, notes
May 31st Pál Zsámboki t-structures

For more information, contact Chris Kapulkin.

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