Calculus 1000A, Fall 2014

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Recommended Practice Problems


Day-by-day schedule

Scheduled topics are provisional until covered. The numbers refer to
Stewart, Single Variable Calculus, Early Transcendentals, 7th Edition.

Day Topics
Sep 5th Introduction
Sep 8th Review of trigonometry (Appendix D)
Sep 9th Exponential functions (1.5)
Sep 10th Inverse functions and logarithms (1.6)
Sep 12th Problem session
Sep 15th Problem session; Quiz
Sep 16th Limits (2.2 and 2.3)
Sep 17th Limits concluded (2.3); Continuity (2.5)
Sep 19th Problem session
Sep 22nd Limits at infinity (2.6); Quiz
Sep 23rd Intro to derivatives (2.7)
Sep 24th Derivative as a function (2.8)
Sep 26th Problem session
Sep 29th Derivatives of basic functions (3.1); Quiz
Sep 30th Product, quotient, and chain rules (3.2 and 3.4)
Oct 1st Derivatives of trig functions (3.3)
Oct 3rd Problem session
Oct 6th Logarithmic differentiation (3.6); Quiz
Oct 7th Implicit differentiation (3.5)
Oct 8th Related rates (3.9)
Oct 10th Problem session
Oct 13th Thanksgiving - no class!
Oct 14th Review
Oct 15th Review
Oct 17th Review; Midterm at 7 PM
Oct 20th Problem session; Quiz
Oct 21st Max and min values (4.1)
Oct 22nd Graphing functions (4.3)
Oct 24th Problem session
Oct 27th Problem session; Quiz
Oct 28th l'Hostpital's rule (4.4)
Oct 29th Optimization (4.7)
Oct 31st Fall study break - no class!
Nov 3rd Problem session
Nov 4th Indefinite integrals (4.9 and 5.5)
Nov 5th Sigma notation (App. E) and areas (5.1)
Nov 7th Problem session
Nov 10th Problem session; Double Quiz
Nov 11th Definite integrals (5.1 and 5.2)
Nov 12th Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (5.3 and 5.4)
Nov 14th Problem session
Nov 17th Problem session; Quiz
Nov 18th Areas between curves (6.1)
Nov 19th Volumes (6.2)
Nov 21st Problem session
Nov 24th Problem session; Quiz
Nov 25th Review session
Nov 26th Review session
Nov 28th Review session
Dec 1st Review session
Dec 2nd Mock exam
Dec 3rd Mock exam
Dec 16th Final exam (7-10 PM), good luck!

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