Calculus 1301B, Winter 2015

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Official Course Syllabus

Recommended Practice Problems


Day-by-day schedule

Scheduled topics are provisional until covered. The numbers refer to
Stewart, Single Variable Calculus, Early Transcendentals, 7th Edition.

Day Topics
Jan 7th Integration by parts (7.1)
Jan 8th Trigonometric integrals (7.2)
Jan 9th Trigonometric substitution (7.3)
Jan 12th Problem session
Jan 14th Problem session, Quiz
Jan 15th Partial fractions (7.4)
Jan 16th Strategy for integration (7.5)
Jan 19th Problem session
Jan 21st Improper integrals (7.8), Quiz
Jan 22nd Improper integrals (7.8)
Jan 23rd Sequences (11.1)
Jan 26th Problem session
Jan 28th Series (11.2), Quiz
Jan 29th Integral test (11.3)
Jan 30th Comparison test (11.4)
Feb 2nd Problem session
Feb 4th Alternating series (11.5), Quiz
Feb 5th Ratio and root tests (11.6)
Feb 6th Power series (11.8)
Feb 9th Problem session
Feb 11th Problem session, Quiz
Feb 12th Representing functions as power series (11.9)
Feb 13th Problem session
Feb 16th No class, "Reading" Week
Feb 18th No class, "Reading" Week
Feb 19th No class, "Reading" Week
Feb 20th No class, "Reading" Week
Feb 23rd Review
Feb 25th Review
Feb 26th Review
Feb 27th No class; Midterm at 7 PM
March 2nd Problem session; Quiz
March 4th Taylor and Maclaurin series (11.10)
March 5th Arc length (8.1)
March 6th Problem session
March 9th Problem session
March 11th Quiz at 8:30 AM
March 12th Parametric curves (10.1)
March 13th Calculus with parametric curves (10.2)
March 16th Problem session
March 18th Teaching evaluations; Quiz
March 19th Polar curves (10.3)
March 20th Areas and length for polar curves (10.4)
March 23rd Problem session
March 25th Intro to differential equations (9.1); Quiz
March 26th Separable equation (9.3)
March 27th Linear equations (9.5)
March 30th Problem session
April 1st Review; Quiz
April 2nd Review
April 3rd Good Friday, no class!
April 6th Review
April 8th Review; End of the term!
April 15th Final exam at 2 PM!

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