Marina Palaisti

    Marina Palaisti

    Ph.D. Candidate
    Western University

    Research interests:
    • Local and Higher Local Class Field Theory
    • Galois Cohomology, Massey Products and Higher Cohomology Operations
    • Patching and Local-Global Principles
    • Motivic cohomology and the Bloch-Kato Conjecture

    Office: Middlesex College 249 (second floor)
    Office Phone: 519-661-2111-81331

    E-mail: mpalaist AT uwo DOT ca


    Department of Mathematics

    Middlesex College

    Western University, 1151 Richmond Street

    N6A 3K7, London, Ontario, Canada

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About me

I am a third year Ph.D. candidate in the department of mathematics at Western University, under the supervision of Jan Minac .

A quick overview of my research: My research interests lie in the areas of number theory, algebraic topology and homological algebra. In particular, I am interested in Galois theory, algebraic number theory, Brauer groups, class field theory, Galois cohomology and cohomological operations.

My broad interests include mathematics, music, dance, philosophy and aesthetics, social and gender studies, photography and film direction.


Current Research:
My currents research interests belong to several aspects around Galois theory. More specifically, I am exploring the mysteries of Galois cohomology, (pro) p-groups, formal group laws, as well as higher dimensional local fields, reciprocity laws, local-global principles, along with the world of Massey products, Steenrod and reduced power operations, as well as their motivic analogues. For more information, please visit my
writings' page.

Past Research:
In my Master's Thesis I was working in the intersection between algebraic number theory and structure theory of non-commutative algebras. In particular, I studied central simple algebras over fields, crossed product algebras and classical local-global principles. Furthermore, I studied a generalisation of the classical crossed products, namely, the general crossed products, and cohomological and global dimensions of them. Finally, while an undergraduate student, I took my babysteps studying ramification theory of algebraic number fields.


  • Faculty of Science Graduate Student Teaching Award 2016
  • SOGS GSTA Award, nominated in 2016 and 2017

  • Selected list of Workshops, Conferences and Seminars

    I am one of the organisers of the Graduate Student Seminar at Western. The seminar is held on Wednesdays 1.00pm-2.00pm in MC107 and everyone is welcome! If you would like to give a talk in the seminar, please let me know!

    Marina Palaisti
    Department of Mathematics
    Middlesex College, Western University
    1151 Richmond Street London, ON N6A 3K7

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