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Math 4120A/9020A: Field Theory, Fall 2014

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The first class is on Tuesday, September 9th and will be a regular class. Note this is a change from starting on Thursday, September 4th due to a conflict with the scheduling meeting that day.

Section 1
Instructor: Nicole Lemire
Office: Middlesex 103C
Phone: 519-661-2111 x86533
E-mail: nlemire at uwo dot ca
Office Hours: Within reason, you may drop by to ask questions when I'm in or make an appointment by email, if you can't find me in.
Class times: TR 10:00-11:30am
Class location: MC 108
Text: Galois Theory, by Steven H. Weintraub, published by Springer Book is available from the UWO library in online format.
Prerequisites: Math 4123A/B or equivalent.

Course outline:

Automorphisms of fields, separable and normal extensions, splitting fields, fundamental theorem of Galois theory, primitive elements, Lagrange's theorem. Finite fields and their Galois groups, cyclotomic extensions and polynomials, applications of Galois theory to geometric constructions and solution of algebraic equations.

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Evaluation of Student Performance:

Assignments: 30%
Midterm Examination:  30%
Final Examination: 40%

There will be 6 or 7 assignments. They are due at the beginning of class. Click here for a list of exercises and the procedures for handing in homework. The lowest (or missing) assignment grade will be dropped when computing the course grade.

Midterm Information:

The date of the midterm exam will be announced soon.

Final Exam Information

The date for the final exam will be announced later.

The assignments are to be thought of as take-home exams and should be done entirely on your own. All those involved in copying will receive a negative grade on the assignment in question. In addition, all academic offenses will be reported to the Dean's office, and may result in further penalties. Regarding Scholastic Offences and Penalties, see pp. 23-26 of the Academic Calendar or refer to Scholastic Discipline.

Important Senate Policy

Students are responsible for ensuring that their selection of courses is appropriate and accurately recorded and that all course prerequisites have been successfully completed. If the student does not have the prerequisites for a course, and does not have written special permission from his or her Dean to enroll in the course, the student may be removed from the course and it will be deleted from the student's record. This decision may not be appealed. A student will receive no adjustment to his or her fees in the event that he or she is dropped from a course for failing to have the necessary prerequisites.

Statement on Academic Offences

Scholastic offences are taken seriously and students are directed to read the appropriate policy, specifically, the definition of what constitutes a Scholastic Offence, at this web site. Computer-marked multiple-choice tests and/or exams may be subject to submission for similarity review by software that will check for unusual coincidences in answer patterns that may indicate cheating.

Make-up exams and conflicts

If you know ahead of time that you are unable to attend a midterm or final exam, you must let your instructor know at least two weeks in advance so alternative arrangements can be made. See also the University's policy on final exam conflicts.

Medical Excuse Regulations

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A student requiring academic accommodation due to illness, should use the Student Medical Certificate when visiting an off-campus medical facility or request a Record's Release Form (located in the Dean's Office) for visits to Student Health Services. The form can be found at this web site.

Accessibility Statement

Please contact the course instructor if you require material in an alternate format or if you require any other arrangements to make this course more accessible to you. You may also wish to contact Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) at 661-2111 x 82147 for any specific questions regarding an accommodation.

Please check the exercises page and the course web page regularly for announcements and other information.

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