My primary research area is Several Complex Variables and CR geometry. The fundamental objects of complex analysis are complex manifolds, holomorphic functions on them, and holomorphic maps between them. Holomorphic functions can be defined in three equivalent ways as complex-differentiable functions, as convergent power series, and as solutions of the homogeneous Cauchy-Riemann equations. Thus, the very nature of differentiability over the complex numbers gives complex analysis its distinctive character and is the ultimate reason why it is linked to so many areas of mathematics.

CR geometry is a modern branch of mathematics which roughly speaking studies real submanifolds in complex spaces and functions on them that satisfy the tangential Cauchy-Riemann equations. In particular, it relates the geometry of the boundary of a domain in a complex space to the function theory on the domain. These considerations lead to a deep understanding of pseudoconvexity, a complex variables analogue of convexity, and to the study of the tangential Cauchy-Riemann equations.



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