Hadi Seyedinejad

Assistant Professor and Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Mathematics
Western University
London ON   N6A 5B7

Office: MC 129
Email: sseyedin@uwo.ca

Math Genealogy profile
Middlesex College
Anisotropic deformation of the singular Middlesex College!
(Spring 2017, photo by my wife Saeideh)


  • Introductory Calculus (0110A) - Fall 2017 → course website (login to OWL required)
  • Calculus II (1301A) - Summer Day 2017
  • Methods of Calculus (1225B) - Winter 2017
  • Calculus II (1301A) - Summer Day 2016


Specializations: real algebraic geometry, semialgebraic geometry, complex analytic geometry.

I am working in the area of semialgebraic geometry, with a focus on arc-analytic functions. These functions turn out to be flexible yet strong tools in the study of, in particular, semialgebraic sets. For instance, Nullstellensatz is true in the algebraic geometry formed by pairing semialgebraic sets with the ring of arc-analytic functions. I have done research also in complex analytic geometry and on local properties of complex spaces and morphisms. That includes the study of points at which a morphism is not open or is not flat and the development of effective methods to test for such points.


Analysis Seminar

I am organizing this weekly event for the Department of Mathematics at Western. Click on the above link for information about the talks.

Updated: Sep 11, 2017
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