Math 9162 Summer 2016

Topics in Algebraic Geometry: Complex Algebraic Curves

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Instructor: Tatyana Barron

Course description: plane curves, singularities, divisors, Bezout's theorem, genus formula, Riemann-Roch theorem and applications, additional topics if time permits.

Lectures: MW 1:00-3:00 pm, F 1:00--2:00 pm, from Wed. May 25 to Fri. July 15, in MC 108.

Office hours: Fri 2:00-3:00, in MC 247 (last day: July 22).

There will be two homework assignments (35% each, due on June 20 and July 11) and a final exam on Tuesday July 19, 1-3 pm, in MC 108, (30%).

A first course in complex analysis (e.g. UWO Math 3124A/B) will be assumed.

We shall use the following references:

There are also other useful sources, including