Calculus 2502A, Fall 2016

Advanced Calculus I

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Lectures: MWF 1:30-2:30 pm
Room: PAB, room 106
Instructor: Tatyana Barron

Help centre: MTuWThF 2:30--6:30 pm, MC 106 (last day: December 9).

Textbook: Multivariable Calculus, 8th. edition, by J. Stewart.
Student Solutions Manual is recommended.

The book is available at the campus bookstore (bundled with the student solution manual or separately).

Course description: Differential calculus of functions of several variables: level curves and surfaces; limits; continuity; partial derivatives; total differentials; Jacobian matrix; chain rule; implicit functions; inverse functions; curvilinear coordinates; derivatives; the Laplacian; Taylor Series; extrema; Lagrange multipliers; vector and scalar fields; divergence and curl.

Antirequisite(s): Calculus 2302A/B.

Prerequisite(s): A minimum mark of 60% in Calculus 1501A/B or Applied Mathematics 1413, or Calculus 1301A/B with a mark of at least 85%.

Pre-or Corequisite(s): Mathematics 1600A/B.

Course outline: pdf

List of recommended exercises: pdf (this is not collected homework).
Additional problems: 49 (13.3); 7, 11 (H12.9); 1, 3 (H16.7); 1, 3 (15.7); 1, 3 (15.8).

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Evaluation of student performance:

Collected homework:

Final exam: Thursday December 15, 7-10 pm, in SSC 2032.
Topics covered: this is a cumulative exam, with some emphasis on the material after Chapter 13. Bring your student ID and a pen/pencil.

Midterm exam: Wednesday October 19, 7-9 pm. Topics covered: 12.1--12.6, 13.1--13.4.